Control cabinets and automation system

We also make control cabinets for control of the storage and drying facilities designed by our company.

Our offer includes control cabinets for automatic and manual operation with classic automation and automation based on programmable logic controllers (PLC).

The microprocessor control ensures a higher efficiency of the control system, while providing full safety of the process and devices.

The use of this type of control also allows programming appropriate process blocks that prevent doubling of conflicting process routes, which may cause choking of process routes (chain conveyors, screw conveyors, belt conveyor flights, bucket elevators etc.).

In the case of larger facilities we use visualization on a PC screen, which makes it easier to control a large plant and allows signalling all failures, which can be additionally archived.

We make all control cabinets based on the best electrical and electronic components on the market, thanks to which our cabinets are functional, esthetic and reliable. Through the use of latest technologies they are offered at competitive prices.

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