Special purpose dryers

Schmidt-Seeger Eco Dry.

Schmidt-Seeger Eco Dry

This roof dryer is used in collection centres, storage facilities, transhipment terminals and in the processing industry. The air is heated directly or indirectly, depending on the choice. Heat is obtained from the combustion of fuel oil and gas, but also from alternative energy generated from the combustion of rice hulls or other biomass. An ecological dust removal system at the air outlet of the dryer is available as an option.

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Schmidt-Seeger Eco Cool.

Schmidt-Seeger Eco Cool

Schmidt-Seeger Eco Dry dryer in combination with a flow cooler can be used for drying of maize (input humidity > 25%). Schmidt Seeger Eco Cool contributes to a clear reduction in operating costs.

The flow cooler can also be equipped with a dust removal system.

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Schmidt-Seeger Eco Dry Flex.

Schmidt-Seeger Eco Dry Flex

This mobile variant of the Eco Dry dryer is mainly used in farms and small collection centres. Heating takes place, depending on the choice, directly or indirectly with the use of fuel oil or gas.

Ecological dust removal solutions are also available for mobile dryers from the Eco Dry family.

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