Continuous operation dryers – S4

Capacity from 180 to 2600 t/day

Dryers of this type are designed for drying all kinds of cereals and maize grains as well as leguminous and oil plant seeds. Thanks to high capacities they can be used in farms and in the agri-food sector. The possibility of a precise selection of drying parameters ensures low energy consumption.


These dryers dry grain in such a way that wet grain is added from the top to the column, while dry grain is collected at the bottom. Both these operations are performed independently of each other, in an automatic and continuous way. The dryers are designed for continuous operation throughout the entire harvest period. They maintain drying parameters set by operators at a constant level. These dryers achieve the highest drying uniformity indicators. Thanks to the optimisation of the drying process developed by our specialists, the dryers are very economical and have low rates of fuel consumption per ton of dried grain. They are used in large agricultural holdings and in the agri-food sector for drying cereals and maize as well as leguminous plant seeds, oilseeds and seeds of other crops.


  1. Roof of the drying plant
  2. Charging buffer
  3. Hot air inlet duct
  4. Burner duct
  5. Burner dampers
  6. Cooling duct dampers
  7. Linear burner
  8. Recirculating fans
  9. Discharging element
  10. Air inlet roofs in the drying part of the dryer column
  11. Air inlet roofs in the cooling part of the dryer column
  12. Air outlet roofs
  13. Air outlet duct
  14. Recirculated air duct
  15. Centroseparator

We offer models with heat recovery (CSRE), with dust removal (CS) and without dust removal (W).

Basic version .W. The heated air is drawn here by the exhaust fans. The number of fans depends on the size of the dryer column. The negative pressure produced by the fans ensures uniform passage of heated air through a layer of grain.

The dryer in the .CS version instead of a series of fans is equipped with a dust separator (centroseparator) whose additional task, in addition to drawing the heated air, is to remove dust from the air getting out of the dryer. This version of the dryer reduces dustiness during drying.

The dryer in the .CSRE version (with recuperation) is equipped with a centroseparator which reduces dustiness. In addition, some warm air after passing through the grain layer is turned back through the ducts to the heated air chamber, where it mixes with the heated fresh air drawn from the outside. Then it passes again through the grain in the dryer. This model allows saving more fuel - even by 30%.

S 418.W
S 418.CS
S 418. CSRE