We offer warranty and out-of-warranty service.

Warranty service - 2 years from the date of equipment commissioning.

Professional experience of all our employees includes over 10-year work in the industry of storage and drying facilities. We are continuously improving our skills by participation in training courses organized by manufacturers in the scope of:

  • new devices,
  • new technological solutions,
  • improvement of skills associated with equipment troubleshooting and operation

We know from our practice which problems may occur during the operation of individual devices - we can diagnose and remove them quickly. We are not afraid of modern technical and technological solutions.

We put a significant emphasis on a quick service response after receipt of a service request. Thanks to our experienced staff and a constant availability of replacement parts we are able to reduce downtimes to a minimum.

Periodic inspections of the whole plant

We highly recommend an inspection of the whole plant before the season.

The purpose of such inspections is to maintain the equipment and prepare the plant for operation in an optimal manner. Additionally, a response provided at an appropriate time eliminates serious and costly failures.

On the basis of our experience, we encourage performing regular inspections, thanks to which an adequate technical condition of the equipment can be maintained and its efficient use ensured. We offer our regular customers very favourable financial conditions.