We offer comprehensive solutions in the scope of grain drying, storing and conditioning, designed both for new plants and existing plants that require expansion.

We implement "turnkey" projects - from the stage of preparation to the stage of commissioning of a fully operational installation. We are cooperating with manufacturers of various types of equipment, selecting solutions to match the needs and requirements of a given buyer. A functional design and appropriate consulting in the scope of silos construction are of crucial importance.

Each design is prepared very thoroughly. After a preliminary study, we prepare a design that ensures the stability, durability and optimum operation of the equipment. We try to build the facilities that are most functional.

The expertise, experience and good knowledge of various solutions and devices available on the market are of crucial importance here. A well prepared design and the selection of appropriate solutions give you an advantage already at the time of launching the project, and above all - allow reducing the costs of functioning and operation.

We are a company based on experienced employees with long-term experience in installation work and work at height. Professional experience of all our employees includes over 10-year work in the industry of storage and drying facilities.

We have complete technical back-up facilities that allow performing a smooth implementation of investment projects without any obstacles. We offer comprehensive implementations of investment projects, providing customers with help and advice at every stage of the construction process.

AGRO-TECHROL cooperates closely with installation teams, thanks to which all the projects are carried out in a professional manner – from the design stage to construction and commissioning.

We offer our customers:

  • technical consulting
  • development of a concept
  • equipment selection and completion
  • installation
  • plant commissioning
  • warranty service
  • out-of-warranty service
  • foundation works

We have earned a reputation of a good and reliable partner.

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